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How Do Shlitay's Stars Help You to Shine on in the Darkeness

The websites we build are on accurate templates that are compatible with all types of screens. We aim to produce sites that work wonderfully on a range of screen sizes from 4K TVs to small office laptops and mobile devices. It’s our expertise to know how to design the site in a remarkably accurate way so that all elements are perfectly displayed on any device.¬†

Shlitay shine in darkness

How do I know my STAR will shine like the others

During our professional period, we have developed websites for a variety of companies in a variety of markets while also looking at the competitors. We will usage research with you on your business, what are the main success methods for your site, all this was done hand in hand with the customer so that we can build together the appropriate graphic assets and User Experience that the surfer will want to get from your site.

The type of customers that shine in the network sky

For the Service Provider

A site with content for your potential customers to read all the information about your business and decide whether to contact you

For the Product Company

A model site with information about the company and the solutions that their product provides

For the WooCommerce Store

An online store gives you the option to place orders and deliveries with no contact with the customer.




We are...

managing content, uploading and removing store products from stock, providing plugins updates, database and security. As well as, ongoing administration of all the things that surround your website.

IT Servers

We are...

suggesting the use of the company's servers, which include providing support for website bugs, daily backup, special Email addresses, administration of main domain and sub-domains, credentials to users.


We are...

offering user experience solutions and digital design for your online business. Using the right colors, with the right assets can give you the digital boost you are looking for


We are...

a website development agency, with our expertise you can place yourself on the web map perfectly for Google optimization. The websites that we develop will help you begin your marketing strategy on Google and social media to bring in new customers.

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