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How to improve your website performance

Loading time and site quality are affected by several basic factors whose derivative produces a variety of tasks for developers and webmasters

Build a beautiful hero section (Call to Action)

The call to action supposed to be quick, clear, and understood to any kind of visitors even color blind to reach a high success rate at the button click.

Add New post type (CPT) to WordPress

The post type is a great way to manage content properly. So how do we do that and does it contribute to us as developers?

Wireframe example using Google Diagram

A wireframe is a visual document that has the ability to display a certain layout, in our case the layout of a website page.

WordPress loop using Ele custom skin

We build the archive pages with a dynamic loop that we will design and after using a query of what we want to be displayed on the same archive page.

How should we build our first header and footer?

After we have finished establishing the base of the site we will begin the construction of the header step by step, it's best to do this to avoid bugs as much as possible

Export you sketch file in right way

The smallest screen size moving to mobile resolution is 1280px when the largest screen is 1920px, the area between 1920 and 1280 will be an area with only a background.

The differences between Template, Page and Post-Type

I will shed light on the differences between the main page types in the site - the page, template, and the post type.

Media Folder – media types and how they helps us

The main files in the folder are image files - images ranging from portrait images or backgrounds image to images of characters and many more...

Elementor – The World’s Number One Page Builder

Elementor is a great tool for building websites, but we have to learn a lot in order to understand things in-depth and to build a high-quality website.

First plugins to be used on your website

The WordPress system has large amounts of plugins that help us, as web developers. it's flexible in our ability to provide the customer with an efficient website with a very high user experience.