Add New post type (CPT) to WordPress

The post type is a great way to manage content properly. So how do we do that and does it contribute to us as developers?

To bring our customer to the level of shock at the level we develop the website for, we need to give add-ons that our competitors may not think of, creating a unique post type fir for the website development we built, he turns our customer into a satisfied customer who knows we invested and understood his requests as he expected them In advance even if it is not 100% perfect.

What is Custom post type?

We remember our post from December 20′ the The differences between Template, Page and Post-Type ¬†that we have explained what is post-type and how it helps us to shine better on google.
If we have a template, which we would like to run a variety of content under the same category (like a job) that the purpose of those pages is similar (in our case to send a CV resume) we will use a post type and manage the content according to each job the company offers end customers.
In this guide, I will use the specified CPT UI plugin

After a quick installation of the plugin on my site I click on settings from my sidebar


Our next step is to Add New Post Type


In this video you can check and watch how I create a Post-Type to job roles recruitment department


In the past where we developed hundreds of websites for all and a variety of types of customers, a post type has become the beautiful way to help our customers manage the content, they are constantly presented with a sidebar menu of content management options by certain categories such as company members, support pages, employee information pages, future events And so on.
At the same time in the type-post, we have other concepts that we have not used in this article like taxonomies and as attributes, their use is at a high level so we will build a suitable guide in the future.
No matter how you look at it, the most important thing is to know to differentiate between what can and should be a post type what is a regular template page, the foundation and building a proper characterization will do us the job in this case while retrieving all the information residing with the customer.






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