Case Study

Dans Import

Dan Import is a group with over 30 years of experience that imports advertising products for companies in Israel



The company owns several storages and has a large logistics management chain, so they using SAP logistics management software.
Among other things, the company is a supplier of marketers who sell the company’s products, before contacting Shlitay there was a lack of synchronization between what is in the storage and what the marketers require to know.

Its purpose in developing the site is to be able for the marketers to know the inventory status and also to know all the products in the catalog.

The company operates nationwide and supplies products to some of the largest companies in the economy

The main challenge in a management chain at this level is to be fully synchronized at any given moment and to be accurate in what you present.
One API error can generate orders and glitches for all the people in the chain, so we pre-built the SKUs management wisely and made changes to the company to avoid errors.



All the SKUs in the company were in numbers without logic and connection.
We pre-determined product categories and gave each color a dedicated sub-number, we built a document of “problematic” products that have no category or colors and after including all the expected and unexpected products we created an SKU template that we can synchronize with the site.

  • WordPress WooCommerce
  • Cropping product images
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • SSL, HTTPS, WAF security
  • Manage the addition and removal of products
  • Over 90 Performance ranking in Google PSI

Dan’s Import

The Corona period gave me an opportunity to become more efficient in a business that was very important because I spent a lot of time on the phone. Shlitay had helped me present my products in a neat, organized, and easy-to-use catalog and from there we continued to build a connection between the information in the SAP system and present it to my marketers on the site.


Case Study