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Elementor is a great tool for building websites, but we have to learn a lot in order to understand things in-depth and to build a high-quality website.
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The Elementor brought with it a thrill to the community of site builders, Elementor is the ultimate system with a library of tools that accommodate perfectly. fantastic for saving time for all types of developers and designers.

Today we will present to you the steps and actions needed to take in order for us to work with the system. First of all, we need to open a staging environment with the WordPress system, we’ll open up the staging through the server provider, and on this staging, we will install the WordPress app


Installation of Free Elementor– The Elementor is installed in the system through the plugin area found in the WordPress system. We already learned the plugin installation guide in the previous guide… first plugins to be used


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From the moment we found, installed, and activated the plugin we will use Elementor’s free plugin that provides us several tools for using the design of an impressive website.


Installation of Elementor Pro – The Pro version is a fixed annual payment version and you cannot avoid paying for the version.

 The prices of this quality plugin can be found on the pricing page (click on the link). If you have decided to purchase the version, you must download it directly to your computer, through the personal area on the site, and afterward upload it as another plugin to the free version.


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As soon as you have completed the installation, all that’s left is to connect the pro user we purchased into our site. This action will be performed under the Elementor license tab, and by clicking “connect” we will connect the user we opened on Elementor’s site with our site. From now on we can manage the app with a pro version, which includes many excellent libraries for development and design.

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The installation process we just went through is actually the basis for using the plugin, so that once we start the design and development work, all the tools will be up to date and available for us. 

To start designing our first page we will go to the “Pages” tab, open a new page and then we’ll see the button of “edit with elementor “, this is the button we are going to use when we want to design the page we’ve chosen.

Elementor edit page img

We’ll get to Elementor’s editing page with lots of information and dashboard

Elementor page biuilder

It is very important to know that Elementor is a great tool for building websites, but we have to learn a lot in order to understand things in depth and to build a high quality website, from the basic data to choosing the images you have uploaded.

We will continue to learn these details later, and in addition, you can always find a lot of information on the internet about



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