Suitable LinkedIn or Facebook Post Inspector

Present your article post on social media in the most appealing way

Every content writer, the same writer who believes in advancing the inner knowledge he holds over the years has a desire to throw up the dope out, this is just the first and simplest part of the process of presenting your information, the hard part is knowing how to serve it in the new modern and changing digital world.

In the digital world, we know that there are so many advertising mainly under the development of multi-channel marketing, so it is important to know how to fit the advertising method to your writing according to the channel and the audience reading in that channel.
If we take into account that we have a variety of digital devices that people use for reading and consuming content, then social networks are the most accessible and responsive.
Mobile, PC, Tablet, LINUX, Microsoft, APPLE, Android, GOOGLE – Social media are supported by any of the digital forces we have in the market and today we will learn how to present the article post we published so that it is introducing in the best way to all the same types of devices and submitted to a variety A huge audience of our content.

Let’s divided into phases

    1. Using the YOAST SEO plugin – Beyond the use of the title & meta description for Google optimization, the free famous plugin allows puts an image for sharing on social networks and it’s under the Social tab. The selected image dimension should be 1200 * 628 pixels in size
    2. Debug our post and image – We need to know the LinkedIn tool that helps us perform a test before publication, the tool is here. Embed the link of our message to the links bar and the tool will display the post as it will publish by any other social media.


Performing tests is a very very important part, companies put a lot of effort into verifying themselves before important publishing, this is even more important than the content itself. If we have caused a failed publication that does not bring us a contribution and is not close to our goal, we have lost a lot of resources here so the LinkedIn tool is great for testing ourselves.
It is important to note that the use of the LinkedIn tool (post inspector) is also valid for Facebook since the same image ratio in other social networks. Do not forget to check yourself before publishing the important information you share.



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