Build a beautiful hero section (Call to Action)

Intro about Call To Action

One of the main areas of influence that we can deliver quickly is Call to Action – where we direct our visitors.

The call to action supposed to be quick, clear, and understood to any kind of visitors even color blind to reach a high success rate at the button click. We have to understand, Call to action it’s just a button, but a button with worth to the UI around that


There is no doubt that CTA should be built by a designer and by a person with knowledge in UI /UX (User Interface / User Experience) but there are some very specific templates in preparation that you will always find in any type of CTA (Call to action) on the various sites.

For example, using colors, in order for the button to be highlighted on the site, we will create a contrast between the button and its background, which can be either an image or just a background with vector files.

Check out this video example:


When it comes to the design of effective learning experiences, one provocative question is worth a hundred proclamations.
Bernard Bull