First plugins to be used on your website

WordPress is a system for building sites and especially as a CMS (Content Management System).

The WordPress system has large amounts of plugins that help us, as web developers. Whether it’s being used right for our time, or whether it’s flexible in our ability to provide the customer an efficient website with a very high user experience.


So what plugins do we need to build an image site for us or for our client?

First of all, we will access the area of the plugins in our system – once we have connected we will click on the plugin’s tab


afterward, click on the “Add New” button at the top of the page.



As soon as we click “Add New”, we can upload plugins or look for plugins from the list of plugins available on WordPress.

If we want to upload the plugin ourselves to the site (for example the plugin is sent to us by email), We’ll do it using the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.



Then we’ll upload a zip file and click “Install”.

 However, we don’t always have to upload files from our computer because everything is in the WordPress plugin library  , But it is important to know and remember what our main plugins are for building a site. The plugins can always be found in a search field





Plugins we will install for our site

1. Classic editor

Those who have known WordPress for several years have seen the design changes the system has made, At the same time there are classic designs that are impossible to give up on, the classic editor is the plugin we use to edit WordPress pages in a simple and pleasant way without unnecessary entanglement with buttons and designs


Classic editor - wordpress plugin


2. Yoast SEO

the world’s number one SEO plugin. Helps us view our site on Google correctly and efficiently so Google will scan the pages on our site correctly with arranged titles and texts.

yoast SEO


3. Post-Duplicator

Replicating plugin helps us create new pages and posts easily instead of opening a new page and copying the development to the new page we have the option to duplicate the page or post with all the information found in it, And then we can only change the text inside so, for example, you can turn a page of service into a page of two types of services. All we need is to duplicate the page and change the content to it and we got another page easily.


Post duplicator


4. Insert headers and footers

 This plugin helps us add tags to our sites such as Analytics, Taj Manager, chat services of another company or recording surfers like Hotjar.


header and footer


5. Elementor

Page Builder with over 5 million installations using the hello template can be built with beautiful sites with user experience, animations and unique designs.

elementor logo

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